DomainSkate CEO David Mitnick talked about Domain Names and the new global Top Level Domains (new gTLDs) on NPR’s All Tech Considered, as a source for the story “Is The Internet Domain Land Rush A Land Rush At All?” For those not familiar with the new gTLDs, DomainSkate’s infographic on the new gTLDs explains the coming Internet Land Rush.

The interview focuses on the new domains to the right side of the dot, joining .Com, .Net and others in your web browser and e-mail addresses. Domains like .NYC for New York City-centric addresses, .Web, .Club, and .Store will be rolling out starting in early 2014. What is the value of these new addresses? What will they mean for you and your business? How can you protect your name/company in a larger more complicated internet landscape without spending thousands on attorneys or expert consultants? We can tell you how.

DomainSkate is a brand protection company focused on providing small and medium sized businesses with comprehensive tools to protect your name/mark in the new gTLD era. See our home page for more details.