Brand_collageChief Marketing Officers and brand executives of all stripes are having to learn how to deal with online security issues as cyber criminals focus their attention on damaging brands, stealing confidential information, or simply confusing customers.

The reasons for this are:

  1. CMOs are responsible for the “reputation” of their brands and businesses
  2. The effects of brand fraud/misuse affect marketing and customer engagement profoundly
  3. Pro-active brand monitoring and security can save everyone, especially the CMO, time and money

The reality of this is evidenced by the increased role and responsibility that CMOs have in their organizations. For example, the average CMO budget has increased over 15% year-on-year for the past three (3) years. At the same time the budget for digital marketing/advertising as a percentage of the overall marketing budget has been increasing.

Splitting responsibilities is an important part of an effective management team, but cyber security is evolving so quickly that it is not just a “tech” or “IT” issue anymore. The litany of security threats that can hamper an organization are simply too broad to be put in one bucket. As a result, brand security is the responsibility of marketing.

To stymie the threat of losing reputation, customers, and business as a result of brand scams it is important for every CMO to have a program in place to monitor the online and domain space to see how their names are being used.

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