If you haven’t been following the explosion of new domains, from .NYC to .Club, yesterday’s Google news story has raised the awareness of at least one of these new extensions on the internet. The .XYZ domain received a huge boost from Google’s new parent entity, as Alphabet picked ABC.XYZ for its identity on the web.

There have been over 725 new domain extensions launched since 2013. The .XYZ domain has had one of the more colorful starts. It made early headlines when it launched in June, 2014, by giving away thousands of free names to existing .Com holders as a ‘jump start’ to raise awareness. .XYZ has also been sued by Verisign, owner of .Com, saying the company infringed the .Com trademark and implemented false advertising. .XYZ ran ads comparing themselves, as a hot sportscar, to .Com as a beat-up clunker. 

Daniel Negari, CEO of .XYZ has been nothing if not a guerilla marketer, getting attention and creating controversy for .XYZ, all of which have helped it be the first new Top Level Domain (TLD) to reach 900K registrants in May. They have over 1.1 million registered as of August.

Now that Google’s new parent entity, Alphabet, has launched using .XYZ, they may be signaling the industry that these new domains are the new, new thing, and .com is no longer the only game in town (Paul Graham’s opinion notwithstanding.) Google (or, do I have to say Alphabet) is not new to the domain game. They already own .APP, .Google, .Chrome, and .Gmail and are in contention for .Music and others. They also have a registry business which competes sell domains with Hover, 101Domain, GoDaddy and thousands of other providers.

Many in the domain industry have stated that the new domain extensions won’t take off until some very large brands start using them. A Fortune-50 company, Google, has just made .XYZ their official domain for their holding entity – let’s see what happens next. While we don’t expect everyone to start “Alphabeting” things on the net, rather than “Googling” them, the awareness of .XYZ may help other new domains gain additional legitimacy and usage.

As with many things on the net, in addition to awareness, there’s also danger. Over 6,000 ABC, Alphabet and Google related .XYZ domains were registered yesterday, according to research from TheDomains.com. How many of them will point to malicious sites or confuse people into giving up Google or Gmail credentials is to-be-determined. At DomainSkate we’ll be watching for this and will keep you updated.

Additionally, we know that no company, not even Google/Alphabet, can consider all possibilities. As reported by theNextWeb, ABC.WTF goes to Bing.com. 



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