The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) recently released a report about the state of the online world and cybercrime. The report noted that “…cybercrime gangs are aggressively pursuing brand diversity in their online fraud schemes, spoofing and otherwise leveraging the identities of some 756 institutions, the highest number the analysts had yet encountered.”

If you do business online, you could have a cyber-problem you don’t know about yet. Hopefully you don’t, but it is definitely a good time to start taking proactive steps to avoid having one. As the over 400 new domains (from .Club to .NYC) have come online, there’s an explosion of real-estate on the net. Many of these domains are being used for good, intelligent purposes. But some are being taken and used to “scheme” and “spoof”, as noted in the report.

According to the APWG report:

“As autumn 2014 begins, the new gTLD market is becoming more crowded and competitive, and some registries have begun to compete aggressively on price. As prices drop and the new gTLDs gain more adoption, we are seeing an increase in phishing on new gTLD domains, due to both malicious registrations and compromised domains on hacked servers. Anecdotal discussions in the security community also indicate that malware authors and other miscreants are experimenting with registering domains in some of the new gTLD domains for various malicious activities. (Emphasis ours)

See APWG Report 2014 at

In order to ensure that no one is using a URL related to your company or brand for nefarious purposes DomainSkate monitors the domain space, and will let you know immediately if there is a problem, and what to do about it.

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