In his recent, “Ask a Private Investigator” YouTube video, Tim Santoni provided informative and valuable tips on how any company can effectively launch, monitor, and protect their trademarks and brand names online. 

Tim outlines three steps that are The three steps he provides are:

  1. Launch: Check out registrars like or and use their tools find and purchase the proper, relevant and available domain names that fit your brand.
  2. Monitor and Protect: In order to protect your brand, you need to monitor the web to make sure that no one is unlawfully misrepresenting your domain and brand name. Santoni recommends, which enable companies to discover, evaluate, monitor and act on threats to a brand. Tim knows that just creating a brand and domain name is not sufficient. Your brand has an identity, with trademarks, domains, social media ids and more, and protecting it is as important as creating and managing it.   
  3. Obtain or Acquire: What should you do if someone is using a domain that you want for your brand? Santoni recommends to either 1) Try and buy that domain through an auction process, or 2) engage with an acquisition firm that helps locate the domain owner, and facilitate a negotiation to help you secure that domain.

We’d add “think about obtaining the registered trademark for your brand” as an additional step. It will give you additional and relevant protections in the domain space and in a wide variety of situations.

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