Brand Protection: A Marketer’s Objective

Your brand and your customers are your largest assets.
Proactively protect them with DomainSkate.


DomainSkate is the only comprehensive brand protection solution that monitors over 270 million domains daily to proactively protect your brand online. Malicious attacks and fraudulent misuses happen when you are not monitoring your brand, trademarks and social media IDs proactively. This can result in:

Losing of sales from loyal customers and future customers.

  • Traffic redirected to your competitors’ sites
  • Costly clicks to online ad spend — you may be paying for clicks from fake sites or ad pages.
  • Brand asset hacks leading to loss of profits
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on mitigation and take downs

Significant reputation damages.

  • Customers (and future customers) mislead and infected by malware or phishing scams
  • Customer information and credentials stolen, costing them and you significant money
  • Negative PR and distrust by loyal customers

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Brand Protection: A Marketer's Objective