Attorneys On The Front Lines of Brand Protection – How Small and Midsized Firms Can Compete And Thrive

The legal profession has traditionally been a reactive one. People find themselves with a legal issue or problem, then they get an attorney to help them deal with it. However, for small and mid-sized firms, sitting on the sidelines waiting for clients to come in the door with problems is not a viable way to do business any more.

Why? Because there is more competition than ever for work, and the firms that are getting new work aren’t waiting around. They are marketing, advertising, expanding their presence on social media, writing blog articles, and contacting clients to educate them about problems their businesses face. Large firms are good at getting this work because they can martial more resources, non-attorney staff, and money towards this work. And large firms are dipping further down the line focusing on less established businesses and even startups by offering reduced fees and hoping to develop early stage relationships just in case that business catches lightning in a bottle and becomes the next Facebook, Tumblr, or Linkedin.

The competitive landscape in the intellectual property field (patents, trademarks, copyrights) is particularly fierce. A recent Who’s Who Legal – Research Trends & Conclusions stated that a more competitive marketplace is forcing small and mid-sized law firms (SMLs) in particular to take drastic measures just to keep pace:

“[m]aking matters more difficult for firms is the ‘excessive pressure’ on costs from clients. While experts have previously stated that ‘IP patent law is recession-proof’, clients are much more focused on organisational stability and cost-effectiveness as they seek to protect their patents, and these concerns have extended to closer scrutiny of their legal providers. There have been examples of firms competing on costs ‘to extreme levels’ in order to stand out. Competition for clients will ‘remain close for the foreseeable future’, with further mergers expected as a response to the challenge of keeping pace with the dominant US and international firms in the global market.” (emphasis added)

Discounting large scale work to keep up with big firms – or simply getting work to keep everyone at your firm busy – is a dead end. It puts SMLs at the mercy of a few cases/clients. It also means competing for work with larger firms that can discount in one area to keep clients in the fold in all. A large firm can sacrifice billings in its trademark practice if the same client is paying market rate for corporate, securities and/or tax work.

Instead, SMLs should focus on those areas where they can compete, namely, by defining areas with broad demand from clients who don’t need the full suite of services larger firms offer (and can’t afford their hourly rate anyway). One example of this is the area of online brand protection.

Every company with a trademark or business name needs some type of brand protection. Why? The internet is now the fastest growing global marketplace. In 2013 online sales in the U.S. hit $213 billion. In 2017 the forecast is for sales to hit $370 billion. Even the local plumber or pizza place is no longer immune to the web because customers are likely to look for their services and reviews online. These customers will go to the business that they find first, looks good, and is rated well.

Building your business and putting it online means subjecting it to problems like cybersquatting, phishing, cloned or mirror sites, cyber-crime and more. Big companies sometimes use sophisticated brand protection service providers to monitor their names and marks online. Most businesses can’t afford these brand protection tools, and simply don’t need all the bells and whistles that Google, Apple, Facebook and Pepsi pay thousands of dollars a month for.

If you are a lawyer that does trademark work then you should be actively monitoring your clients’ names and marks online. Just like the NYC Subway signs say: “If You See Something, Say Something.” Lawyers should be the first line of defense for brand monitoring. There are two important reasons for this.

First, your clients need you to do this – they can’t pay a large brand protection firm tens of thousand of dollars every month to do it for them. Further, some brand protection firms are increasingly doing work that used to be done by lawyers: sending C&D letters, takedown notices, dealing with registrar issues, and more.

Second, it is in your best interest to do this work because you can charge for it – and be the “go to” resource for your client. If a banking client of your firm has a competitor or an unknown scammer using a branded website/domain to defraud customers your client is going to be pretty happy that you told them about this. The question is: can you provide this service affordably, and improve your own profitability?

DomainSkate monitors the online landscape searching for every domain name that is registered and then picks out the ones that might be a problem for your clients’ business. Our interface is easy to use and every time someone registers a domain name that might be a problem we’ll let you know – automatically.

You can have a paralegal or assistant look at the lists and when there is a problem you can let your client know. This means new, valuable work for you and a happy client that knows you are looking out for them and will notify them if someone is trying to hurt their business or ruin their name online.

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