BuzzWe sat down with Bill Doshier the CEO of .Buzz. He told us all about what he’s doing with the .Buzz registry and his latest project the website.

How did you get to own .Buzz?

I have a sales background in the aerospace industry but I always followed the domain market — I actually bought my first domain name in 1996. When I started reading news about the new  top level domains, I saw possibilities. In 2010 I began thinking about operating a registry, the idea was very exciting to me. I developed contacts, advisors and mentors that guided me through the process and then, I just took the leap. I left my sales job of 20 years, and applied for .Buzz and .Fun.   Recently the contention around .Fun was settled and I now operate .Buzz.

What can .Buzz offer that .Com doesn’t?

It offers fresh, strong, new domains for the right registrant, one that values the word “buzz” and everything it represents, and it provides a new opportunity to innovate. The word “buzz” is all about what’s happening right now, whether it’s PR marketing, advertising, travel — it suggests everything new, entrepreneurial, and ahead of the curve. .Com means little to our registrants, they’re moving in a different direction.

What are some of the challenges that you’re facing?

There’s an education challenge that we know will be ongoing for a number of years. It’s a matter of making people aware that new TLDs like .Buzz are now available. We’re working to establish relationships with early adopters and strong players in the market that are using new domains. There’s still a feeling amongst consumers that there’s no other name than a .Com. But data is starting to prove that the new TLDs do stand out in search results. The names are also so much more memorable. The challenge is getting people past the feeling that they need to have the .Com and to get them to try something new.

How are people using .Buzz?

Right now, we’ve got around 9,000 domains registered. One of our  registrants is building a travel and entertainment portal with .Buzz domains. We want to see more of that type of activity and plan to get deeper into travel, tourism, and entertainment . Interestingly, we’ve become a popular registry with medicinal marijuana groups and the legalization movement. We hadn’t foreseen this relationship but that’s where the market is leading us. We’re also popular with beekeeping and apiaries — which makes sense too.

What are some trends you’re seeing?

I believe the strategy or trend of offering free domain name registrations has run its course. In my opinion, free never works. The effort to push these names out for free has ultimately been met with a lot of deletions and non-renewals. People need to take a step back and start building strong brands that in 3-5 years people will recognize. I’m really excited about that.  We hope to start a new trend of developing additional business properties from the base registry business. Another trend we’re seeing is businesses being more aware of their online and domain name presence, a place where we think DomainSkate can be really useful to our .Buzz registrants.

What’s next for .Buzz?

We’re taking a big step and opening We want to involve ourselves and support communities that are actively purchasing and developing .Buzz domains. will be a fun brand to develop, it will provide us an opportunity to expand off the base .Buzz registry business, and be involved with our other communities. We are also in the process of offering templated websites to bands and festivals that are looking to break out. We want to appeal to new artists and let them register the name that they want with a website that goes along with it. We believe this combination will appeal to younger users.Patel notes, neurontin for sale adults generally have the tools and treatment is effective. Neurontin for sale The article is available online at by phone when the neurontin for sale. Buy online now. Gabapentin is an antiepileptic or anticonvulsant treatment originally designed to prevent seizures. Buy Doxycycline without prescription. You can find generic and branded medication in our online Store. 100% security guaranted. After completing your order buy doxycycline online without prescription. There is no such thing as prescription-free Doxycycline. Doxycycline is a prescription-only medicine….