Did the House Create An Impossible Standard With DOTCOM Act?

The House recently passed the Dotcom Act H.R. 805. The language of the Act is problematic in not defining "intergovernmental" clearly.

By | July 6, 2015|

DomainSkate pitches to panel of VCs and investors

More than anyone, we know that if you want people to pay attention to your product or service, you've got to have a killer pitch. We were thrilled to be able to talk about DomainSkate at the Feliciano Center, Montclair State University's hot bed for entrepreneurs. The "Montclair Entrepreneurs Meetup" featured 5 top VC and Angel funders [...]

By | April 24, 2015|

Why Taylor Swift Bought A .Porn Domain

The USA Today headline “Taylor Swift Buys Porn-Site Domain Names” has likely been generating a huge number of clicks , but the real story is less titillating and more serious for businesses of all sizes. The .Adult, .Porn and .Sucks domains are launching in June, and companies are rushing to obtain them prior to the [...]

By | March 24, 2015|

Washington Post Takes On ICANN Over Potential Role In Copyright Enforcement

The Washington Post published an article yesterday taking on the propriety of ICANN potentially getting into the business of aiding the motion picture and recording industries in their fight against copyright infringement. The crux of the piece is that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry of America (RIA) want ICANN to take a more proactive role in stopping infringers and to live up to the language/promise of the 2013 Registry Agreement that provides stricter obligations and rules of enforcement.

By | March 10, 2015|

New “Law” Domains In Uphill Fight To Prove Value

The new domain space is bringing fresh choices for consumers and new ways to connect to business, including six new registries that are directly related to the law. Those registries are .LAW, .LEGAL, .ATTORNEY, .ESQ, .ABOGADO, and .LAWYER. Thus, for lawyers or firms considering switching to a new domain space or adding a domain in one of these registries there is going to be a lot of competition for your business. Can the market actually support all these registries?

By | January 6, 2015|

Dot BABY Takin’ Up New Space on Internet

On December 17th the .BABY gTLD will go to auction, and be decided according to which company is willing to write the largest check.

By | December 8, 2014|

New gTLDs Race To The Bottom With Domain Giveaways?

We posted an article today on CircleID.com about how certain New gTLDs are giving away domain names and what that might mean for the market as a whole and the mission of geographic domain names in particular. Check it out by clicking here.Zoloft is a strong antidepressant, does not cause medical addiction zoloft tablets buy. [...]

By | June 18, 2014|

House Panel Could Prevent Transition of Internet Address System to ICANN

Although the Commerce Department and the Obama Administration have announced plans to transition the Internet's address system to the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a House subcommittee panel passed a bill yesterday to prevent that from happening until there is an investigation. The bill is referred to as the "Domain Openness Through [...]

By | April 10, 2014|

Court Says New gTLD Applications Are Not “Domains” – But It’s Not Great News For Registries

The U.S. Dist. Court in Central California issued a recent decision regarding whether a New gTLD is a "domain" for the purposes of analyzing the Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act (ACPA) - a case of first impression. The case pitted Del Monte International, against it's subsidiary Del Monte Corp., who have been arguing over whether the subsidiary can own and run the New gTLD .DELMONTE. The application for .DELMONTE was made through ICANN, was objected to by the parent company Del Monte International and eventually found its way to Federal Court after an arbitration panel decided that the objection was meritorious.

By | February 12, 2014|

New gTLDs This Week – DS Calendar

The trademark claims period will be opening on Monday February 3rd for the following New gTLD registries: .camera, .equipment, estate, .gallery, .graphics, .lighting, .photography

By | February 3, 2014|

Are the new Top Level Domain Names Really an Internet Land Rush?

New domain names to the right side of the dot will join .Com, .Net and others in your web browser - what does it mean for your business?

By | November 18, 2013|

ICANN Publishes “Last Resort” Auction Rules – Google and Amazon Set To Open Pocketbooks?

ICANN published the rules for the "Last Resort" auctions that will determine the winners of the New gTLD strings that have multiple bidders. Some parties have avoided the ICANN-led auction process this by agreeing to private auctions.

By | November 4, 2013|

Polo (Ralph Lauren) Loses Community Objection To Polo Group – Panel Cites GAC Decision In .AMAZON As Support

Ralph Lauren likely lost its bid to run the .POLO gTLD when the community objection filed by the United States Polo Association (USPA or Objector), with support from other polo sports associations and groups, was upheld by an ICC panel.

By | October 31, 2013|

Confusion Test Nets Different Results For .SHOPPING and .SHOPYOURWAY New gTLD Applications

The pool of bidders for the .SHOP new gTLD got a little bigger as the ICDR upheld an objection to the .SHOPPING new gTLD made by an applicant for the .SHOP registry, Commercial Connect, LLC. Commercial Connect's objection was rooted in Article 2(e)(i) of the Procedure which provides: “(i) ‘String Confusion Objection’ refers to the objection that the string comprising the potential gTLD is confusingly similar to an existing top-level domain or another string applied for in the same round of applications.”

By | October 30, 2013|

Watershed Moment For ICANN – 4 New gTLDs Go To “Delegation” Phase

In a significant moment for ICANN and the New gTLD program as a whole, 4 applications for New gTLD registries have been approved to proceed to the delegation phase. All 4 of the gTLDs are IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) or non-Latin based registries that will be the very first generic Top Level Domain registries of their kind.

By | October 22, 2013|