New UDRP Filings

Calvin Klein Gets CALVINKLEIN.WANG From Domain Squatter

The new domain registry .WANG has proven to be a popular registry. It has more than 80,000 domain registrations and is firmly ensconced in the top 10 New gTLD registries. Calvin Klein recently brought an action to recover the domain name that had been registered by a third party.

By | November 4, 2014|

UDRPs Are Not Just For The Fortune 500 – Ontario Based BBQ Cleaners Battle For Domains

A UDRP case was commenced earlier today with the NAF over the domain names, <> and <>. Both domains resolve to the website for a business called THE BBQ GUYS which is a Toronto/Ontario based business that apparently cleans barbecues. The name WELL DONE BBQ is used as a trademark by the registrant of the domain name <> which is also an Ontario based business engaged in the cleaning of barbecues. […]

By | July 8, 2013|

UDRP Over Raises Issues of Similarity and Bad Faith

A UDRP complaint was filed with the NAF yesterday over the domain name It appears that the action was brought by Land Rover, Inc. owners of the LAND ROVER names/marks.

By | July 2, 2013|

Google Files UDRP Over – Still Does Not Hold Fed. Reg For ANDROID Mark

Google, Inc. filed a UDRP seeking transfer of the domain earlier this week. The domain resolves to a site that sells android phones and phone plans. There are no links for other "android" related sites - so it's not simply a portal site trying to make money via click-through fees from users looking for android related sites/information.

By | June 25, 2013|

The Dish Network Files UDRP For “DISHNET” Domains

The satellite television provider Dish Network filed a UDRP last week against the company Digital Satellite Connections, LLC over domains which use the term "Dishnet" and “Dish Network” and resolve to sites that appear to be closely aligned to Dish Network's satellite TV business.

By | June 24, 2013|

Gucci Wins UDRP For 33 Domains Linked To Counterfeit Websites

Gucci SpA took another large stab at counterfeiters winning a UDRP for 33 domain names which used the GUCCI name/mark and resolved to the same website that sold counterfeit GUCCI products. The attached image is from the site

By | June 20, 2013|

Reliable Racing Files UDRP Over Ski Competitors Usage of .CO Website

Reliable Racing Supply, Inc. a ski equipment company based in Queensbury, NY filed a UDRP action over the domain name which resolves to the website for a company called Artech, which is also a ski equipment company that is based in Enfield, NH.

By | June 18, 2013|

Gary Kasparov Makes Move With UDRP Over Four “Kasparov” domains

Chess great Gary Kasparov has filed a UDRP action with the National Arbitration Forum over four domain names:,,,

By | June 11, 2013|


I was tickled to see my fondness for television pay off yesterday when I saw that a UDRP was filed with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain The Registrant is a Mr. Jonathan Bird of Great Britain. Mr. Bird's email address references the dating site, so I am going to assume that he has some relationship with the dating site.

By | May 23, 2013|

LEGO STAR WARS UDRP Decision Looks At Domains With Combined Marks

The well-known toy company LEGO Juris A/S filed a UDRP complaint on March 7, 2013 with the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) against the holders of the domain name . The domain was registered to Respondent Mr. Miguel Angel Villen. The arbitration panelist ruled in favor of LEGO and, most importantly, explained in detail that taking another company’s brand or mark and adding third party marks will not reduce or eliminate confusion. It is also timely because it addresses questions that we raised in this blog almost a year ago when we reported on an NAF UDRP decision involving the LEGO and STAR WARS marks and the domain .

By | May 22, 2013|

Home Depot Brings UDRP Over Fake HAMPTON BAY Site

Earlier today a UDRP action for the domain was commenced by the National Arbitration Forum. The domain registrant is Reza Alavi of Australia, according to the WHOIS information.

By | May 20, 2013|

CrossFit, Inc. Files UDRP Over 100+ “CrossFit” Domains

CrossFit, Inc. filed a UDRP Complaint yesterday which listed over a hundred domains containing its CROSSFIT name/mark. Most of the domain names simply tack on a location or city name to the term prefix "crossfit".

By | May 16, 2013|

NetFlix Files UDRP For

NetFlix filed a UDRP complaint with the National Arbitration Forum earlier today for the domain name

By | May 15, 2013|

WIPO Decision In KEETAB Shows How NOT To Handle A UDRP Filing

A recent decision by the World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO") in BlankPage AG v. Walleed Altywaijri over the domain name provides a pointed lesson in how NOT to file a UDRP Complaint.

By | December 20, 2012|

Interesting UDRP Filings From Last Week

There were a number of UDRP cases filed with the National Arbitration Forum last week that will be to interesting to follow in the next few weeks to see how they are decided and the issues that are raised by the Respondent if they choose to answer. Below is a quick summary of a few of the cases.

By | December 17, 2012|