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Calvin Klein Gets CALVINKLEIN.WANG From Domain Squatter

The new domain registry .WANG has proven to be a popular registry. It has more than 80,000 domain registrations and is firmly ensconced in the top 10 New gTLD registries. Calvin Klein recently brought an action to recover the domain name www.calvinklein.wang that had been registered by a third party.

By | November 4, 2014|

Time Warner Wins UDRP For Domains Of Popular Shows/Games

Time Warner won a UDRP yesterday for several domains related to some popular properties that it owns. Specifically, the arbitration panel awarded transfer of the following domains: truebloodwatchfree.info;truebloodseason4.org;www-cnn.com;newscnn.com;ben10games.com;tbskids.org;legobatman.com;batman-slotmachine.com; andgameofthrones.com.  […]

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WIPO Decision Over “INBAY.COM” Finds Reverse Domain Hijacking

A decision rendered by a WIPO panel yesterday over the domain name www.inbay.com found the Complainant guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). One of the interesting aspects of the case was the the panel's view of the Complainant's "surreptitious" efforts to purchase the domain name via unidentified employees.

By | April 8, 2014|

Gucci Wins UDRP – Gets 197 Infringing Domains From Squatter

Gucci recently won a UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) against a China based cyber-squatter that had registered all sorts of interesting domains that incorporated the GUCCI trademark. Some of the 197 domains included marks such as YAHOO and FORD, along with common descriptive terms like wallet, live, real, sale, etc... 20 of the [...]

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Oakley Files UDRP Against Oakley.Pro Domain – .Pro Registry Only For Professionals?

Earlier this week Oakley filed a UDRP complaint seeking transfer of the domain name www.oakley.pro. The website at www.oakley.pro sells what appear to be counterfeit Oakley products. The site's graphics also appear to have been ripped directly from the Oakley website, and look pretty decent compared to most counterfeit sites.

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DomainSkate News Roundup, August 30 – September 5

Welcome to our summary for last week - a very interesting week in the world of domains and trademark protection! We are pondering the debate regarding this week’s development from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Here’s the background:

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DomainSkate News Roundup / July 22 – 26, 2013

This is a round-up of the some of the more helpful and relevant articles and news items we noticed making the rounds in the press last week. If you have something that you want us to add to the round-up in the future please feel free to send it to us and we will review it.

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Clean Sweep of UDRP Denials By NAF: Orbotz.com, Blucigsreview.net, Musiczoo.com

There was a clean sweep of denials (something I have never seen before) issued by the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) early this morning on UDRP's filed over the domains , , and . Interestingly enough, the musiczoo.com domain resolves to the domain name "reversedomainnamehijacking.webs.com".

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Gary Kasparov Wins UDRP For “Kasparov” + 2014 Domains

Chess legend Gary Kasparov will be running in 2014 to be the new head of the World Chess Federation (FIDE). Not everyone in the chess world is happy about this and oppose his candidacy. Mr. Kasparov brought a UDRP against one such person, Mr. Sevan Muradian, who had registered the domains kasparov2014.com, kasparov2014.info, kasparov2014.org, and kasparov2014.net.

By | July 24, 2013|

Microsoft Wins UDRP For www.skyped.com – Fake Software Update

In a decision issued by the NAF yesterday Microsoft won a UDRP decision for the domain name www.skyped.com (no link provided on purpose). The site was particularly nasty, because it asks the user to download an update for Skype software and then asks for personal information from the users. The decision described the hack in detail:

By | July 9, 2013|

CrossFit, Inc. Wins UDRP For 113 Domains In Decision That Is Simultaneously Being Litigated in Fed. Court

CrossFit, Inc. won a UDRP decision this week for 113 domains which include the CROSSFIT mark. The case is interesting in that there is simultaneously a lawsuit in the Southern District of California Federal Court that is proceeding over the very same domain names but concerns issues of trademark infringement, dilution and unfair competition. The panel could have suspended the UDRP until the litigation has been resolved, but decided to move forward and render a decision. CrossFit is the Plaintiff in that case and is asking for damages in excess of $9,000,000.

By | July 4, 2013|

Time Warner Wins UDRP And Transfer Of 50 Domains From Serial Cybersquatter

In a UDRP decision issued yesterday Time Warner Cable won transfer of 50 domain names that were deemed similar to the TIME WARNER marks. The decision was pretty clear cut. The registrant, Mr. Zhichao Yang of China had put up a bunch of advertising links on the associated webpages (all the ones that we checked out), all of which related to Time Warner and its business.

By | July 2, 2013|

UDRP Decision For Partzilla.com Looks At Domains With Similar Suffixes

The National Arbitration Forum last week denied a complaint brought by the motorcycle parts/accessories company REVZILLA that had brought a complaint against its competitor POWERSPORTS LLC for their registration and use of the domain name www.partzilla.com. The case was decided solely on the "similarity" issue where the panel reasoned, very thoughtfully, that the REVZILLA name/mark was simply not close enough to PARTZILLA, and that the similarity of a common suffix was not enough in this case to carry the day.

By | July 1, 2013|

StubHub Wins Big At UDRP Box Office – 123 Domains Transferred

StubHub won a UDRP decision over 123 domain names that were owned by 2 different respondents. The case is noteworthy for how the panel dealt with the consolidation issue which allowed eBay Inc. to join in the proceeding and included a second respondent who the Complainant argued was an "alter ego" of the first respondent.

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