click-fraudThe folks over at Merriam-Webster are keeping us with the times,always updating and adding new words as they become popular. Two recent additions: clickbait and click fraud, both being touted by Webster  as words that are used in every day life, not just among tech types.

Webster defines clickbait as “something designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink.” While clickbait can apply to a Buzzfeed-like headline that begs you read it, (ex: “5 Things You Need To Eat Or You Will Die”)  in the cybersecurity world it is used a bit differently. Clickbait may be something as simple as a site you end up at when you mistype a domain name in your browser. For example: You accidentally type intead of You end up on a site that shows ads in text or graphics – and then click to go to the real “happy fun 1” site. This fake, mistype site has baited you into clicking, and thus, generated another Webster term,“click fraud.”

Since you didn’t mean to go to a mistyped site — you really wanted the actual site — you’ve been convinced to help with a click fraud scheme. Click fraud is defined as “fraud committed by clicking through an advertisement on a website multiple times to spuriously increase the cost to an advertiser.

If you’ve gone to a site that you didn’t intend to, then clicked through, you’ve been part of the scam, even if you didn’t mean to. If a “cost-per-click” ad costs a few dollars for that click, but the person was going to that advertiser’s site anyway, they’ve generated an unneeded cost. The fraudster gets some small change for your click, but the legitimate advertiser is paying for them. For small and medium-sized businesses looking to get the most for their online ad spend, these “clicks” can rack up serious money losses, very quickly.

One way businesses can reduce their unwanted clicks, views and costs is by monitoring domains that are the same, or similar to their own domain names. For example, many sites have a spurious “” (no dot after www) that shows ads that cost “” money.

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