Another day, another hack. This week, it was the Democratic National Committee (DNC), who seem to have been hacked by alleged agents of the Russian government. While malicious software was used to actually steal the files, the delivery mechanism was simple – an email using a mistyped domain name. So, click the wrong attachment, someone steals all your stuff.

According to the Washington Post,  Cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike found an internet domain that “looked suspiciously like that of the firm the DNC had hired to manage its computer network, MIS Department…The domain name found was But for the transposition of the “t” and “r,” it was identical to the firm’s actual domain name.” {emphasis added.}

This is a common occurrence, as we know more than 94% of the top 500 major brands are just a slight mistype from a malicious site.  The cybercriminals know that A.) People mistype things and B.) People’s eyes tend to gloss over mistkaes. (In fact, did you notice the work “mistake” was spelled wrong in the previous sentence?) Mistypes are such a common occurance that almost every brand we work with finds one related to their domain. 

The FBI notes the use of mistype domains as part of the “Business Email Compromise” that has taken over $2B from firms over the past 2 years. The Washington Post further noted, related to the DNC hack, “the domain name was registered on March 21, several weeks prior to when CrowdStrike said the hacker group gained entry into the network.


Yes,  we see this in our system, and also the obviously fake registrant name (Frank “Merdeaux” means Frank “Sh*tty” in French).  Many companies don’t scan for mistype or typo-squatted domains regularly. Someone in the company, or their external counsel, gets long lists of domains on a monthly basis, and evaluates them when they have time. DomainSkate’s system would have found and alerted anyone at about within 24 hours. Your business can’t afford to be hacked, whether you’re running for president or just running a business.

We don’t gloat, and we hate to see this happen to businesses of any size. So, this is an open invitation to MISDepartment management – we’ll give you a DomainSkate account right now, for free, to check all the other possible uses of your site. Contact us at Support at DomainSkate dot com and we’ll hook you up. 

Heck, DNC and RNC, we’re happy to give you an account as well. (Seems each party is up to something using clever domains. )

And if you work for some other MIS department, or the CIO, CISO, CMO or Chief Legal Counsel, get in touch and let us help you avoid this issue as well as other important brand identity theft issues.Zoloft is a strong antidepressant, does not cause medical addiction zoloft tablets buy. Buy Zoloft online from Canada Drugs, an online Canadian Pharmacy that offers … to take a dose then you can make up for it by taking a pill when you remember. Compare Zoloft prices and other prescription drug prices from verified online pharmacies zoloft buy online. Zoloft (Sertraline) Generic Name: Sertraline (SER tra leen) Brand Names: Zoloft where to buy Zoloft online? Canadianpharmacynoprescription Medications….