Domain / Website Evaluation

“All of the data you need, all in one place”

The DomainSkate Brand Protection system includes regular Domain Evaluations. This means that things like screenshots, security information and everything you need to identify violations, is automatically updated in your dashboard. You can quickly see how a site is being used, without having to visit each one. WHOIS information, including the registrant and administrator data, along with the nameservers, are provided for each result. All of this information is archived for easy reference. 

Further, all domains are run through multiple security checks on a daily basis in case the profile changes and the site becomes malicious. We call this Domain Recycling, when a domain name is bought or sold on the secondary market (after initial registration) and is then used for bad purposes. Domain Recycling is a huge problem that many companies used to combat by registering domains even if they were not going to use them, just to take them off the market. With our brand protection system you can concentrate on registering domain assets your company needs, and let us monitor potential liabilities without spending thousands of dollars a month on vacant websites.