We recently released the latest version of our DomainSkate SaaS platform. First, a moment to thank the entire team, our advisors and everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen.

For people who have seen version 1, DomainSkate 2.0 is a major upgrade and overhaul.

With version 1, we solved the problem of “What’s going on with my business or brand name online?”

In version 2, we’re providing users with business intelligence to alert them about fraudulent uses of brand names and trademarks online, and helping them manage risks and take action when necessary.

A Major Visual Makeover and Improved Results

The main change you’ll notice is in the results screen.

Version 1:  We gave customers a list of results in a line-by-line format.

[NEW] with Version 2: We’ve made the experience entirely visual.

In the background, Domainskate version 2.0 is doing a better job of finding threats that are not only related, but relevant.  You can add attributes related to your brand keywords, product names, and trademarks.

new domains

We have created a visually organized way that shows you the most relevant brand infringements as quickly as possible. We highlight the relevant characters in the domain name to help you make quick evaluations.

Our search has also been upgraded and improved. DomainSkate processes your domain, brand, keyword, and trademark information with our patent-pending algorithms to deliver targeted results you’re not going to find using any other means, including a search engine.

We categorize the type of issues found as follows:

  • Alternate Extensions: If your site is Site.com, then Site.Org has an ‘alternate extension.’
  • Affixes (Prefixes or Suffixes): MySite.com or Site-Store.com are examples of affixes.
  • Mistype: Ste.com or Sitee.com are mistype examples.
  • Keywords: We use the business-related keywords you proachevide with your other brand attributes to give you a wide range of results.

Security Features and Profile

You can quickly see all the details of the website to determine if someone is using your company’s branding, if the site is parked, or if there’s a domain with no site on it. We’re also checking the results against industry-recognized security sources to let you know if a site is serving malware, or is tagged as a spam or phishing source. Visual indicators (red dots) let you know which domains have the most dangerous issues. See example below.

Easily Manage Risk

Organizing websites into groups with the most relevant ones first help you quickly ‘triage’ the space around your brand name. Some websites are more likely to be of concern than others, simply given the website’s name. You can put ones of concern into the “Watch” list, and “Ignore” the ones you own, or which are not relevant to your company.


DomainSkate 2.0 starts tracking domains related to your brand the moment you sign up. In the Security Detail Box, we show you an evaluation history of the domain in question, including screenshots of each time we’ve reviewed the domain – similar to the way that the Internet “Wayback Machine” does. We also capture information on whether the site is tagged as serving malware or other relevant data. 

Act to Fix Problems

If a threat we’ve identified concerns your team enough to want to take action, DomainSkate lets you do that. When you click the “Act” button, the domain in question is moved to the “Act” category on your dashboard. We also give you the option to work with DomainSkate Partner, Legal Hero, to resolve your issue. Some attorneys are not familiar with domain and internet law. If you don’t have your own counsel, working with an experienced attorney via Legal Hero can help you resolve your problem for a flat, predictable fee. We’re excited to be working with them.

A Valuable Tool to Protect Your Brand

Many existing security tools are designed to protect your internal servers, your email systems, or the individual machines on your network. None of these tools prevent someone from setting up a fake site using a similar domain to yours, ultimately confusing customers or employees, and potentially stealing credentials or credit card information. You’ve worked hard to establish your brand name and promote it online. We’re here to ensure that customers find your real site, that employees aren’t fooled by same-name-different-domain phishing scams, and that the brand equity you’ve built over time isn’t wasted on scammers.

DomainSkate is security for the C-Suite, Marketing and Branding teams, IT, and Legal.

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