Next time you protest, don’t just mail it in… (sorry).

U.S. Postal Service Loses Objection To Google’s .MAIL TLD Application
By David Mitnick, 8/1/13

In this case the USPS apparently argued that the term MAIL is uniquely identified with the USPS (as a commercial source of origin) and, at the same time, that the term MAIL is a generic or descriptive term that is associated with no one in particular.


Meanwhile, the Legal Rights Objection to new gTLDs is not proving to bear much fruit for objectors as numerous cases were denied this week, including that of our friend Constantine Roussos, whom you may remember from our podcast interview a few weeks ago.

DotMusic loses LRO, and four other cases rejected
By Kevin Murphy, July 31, 2013

“If any applicant can be said to have built a brand around a proposed generic-term gTLD, it’s Roussos. DotMusic has been promoting .music on social media an in the music industry for years.”

Panelists seem to be highly sensitive to “front-running”, or obtaining a trademark for the purposes of gaining exclusivity on one of the new gTLDs, and are rejecting numerous LROs on that basis.


The new rules here will ensure that any expiring domain will go offline before the time when you can’t get it back, making sure that you’ll notice if, if you haven’t received the warnings.  

ICANN Will Start Enforcing the New Expired Registration Recovery Policy (“ERRP”) At The End Of The Month
By Michael Berkens, August 1, 2013

On August 31, 2013 ICANN will start enforcing the new Expired Registration Recovery Policy (“ERRP”). The ERRP is expected to promote better understanding of registrants’ options and help alleviate common issues related to the expiration of gTLD registrations. This policy is intended to help align registrant expectations with registrar practices by establishing certain minimum communications requirements and making renewal and redemption of domain name registrations uniformly available in prescribed circumstances.