Happy Friday! I’m back from a lovely vacation and hope you all have the opportunity soon to read this update while sipping cocktails on a beach in Jamaica.  It’s the best way, really.

There were some fairly major developments while I was away! As you remember a few weeks ago we explained the fears around name collisions, and now ICANN has released a plan to mitigate the issues.

ICANN Releases New gTLD Name Collision Proposal
Web Host Industry Review
By Chris Burt, October 9, 2013

The plan calls for another study, this one to develop a framework for name collision occurrence management… The plan also… requires all TLD operators to establish a process for reporting and requesting the blocking of an SLD that causes severe harm due to name collision.

The article is a little wonky, but the gist of it is that the names most likely to collide should be blocked from registration for a period of time.

For those who were disappointed at the giants Amazon and Google hogging TLDs that you wanted to be able to use, good news! They’re going to open up a bunch of them to public registry after all!

Google and Amazon.com backpeddle on closed top level domain names
Domain Name Wire
By Andrew Allemann, October 10, 2013

Bad news: the big loophole is that they could charge you anything they want. Even ONE MILLION DOLLARS! [Insert Dr. Evil image here.] Then again, Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil” so… we’ll see.

Speaking of Amazon…

Brazilian Senate Formally Opposes Amazon’s Application For .Amazon
By Michael Berkens, October 9, 2013

I can’t image that the Amazon region is a hot bed of active internet businesses, but it appears Brazil is going to hold Amazon’s feet to the fire.

And in more drama, ICANN has started responding to critiques with a much stronger voice! [I’m dying to insert the dramatic hamster gif here, but we are professionals.]

ICANN’s Strong Rebuke to Verisign’s Chuck Gomes
By Stéphane Van Gelder, October 4, 2013

In the past, the organisation has tended to react to criticism with a silence that was probably considered a way to avoid aggravating critics any further, but instead tended to infuriate people that were expecting answers. No longer. Since Chehadé came in as CEO, they get answers!

Now let’s see how they react to the boondoggle of “car is confusingly similar to cars, but cars is not confusingly similar to car”.  I suppose getting clarity on the rules late is better than never—but upfront would have saved a lot of people a lot of headaches, no?

Uh-oh: ICANN will be forced to act after conflicting .cars decisions
Domain Name Wire
By Andrew Allemann, October 9, 2013

Finally, our UDRP of the week(s) could have some very significant consequences for trademark holders and anyone registering a domain in the new gTLDS:

In A UDRP With Wide Implications In New gTLD’s Domains, Panel Awards Tes.co to Tesco
By Michael Berkens, October 9, 2013

[N]ew gTLD domains names and buyer will have to pay a lot of attention to the combined term on the right and left of the dot in taking into account trademark right, especially in consider [sic] how they will use a particular new gTLD domain.

And that’s all, folks! Enjoy the weekend...