on Internet Law Talk, DotGreen CFO/COO Tim Switzer joined DomainSkate President David Mitnick and Howard Greenstein for a spirited discussion on the DotGreen Foundation’s proposed .Green Global Top Level Domain (gTLD).

Switzer shared the DotGreen story, explained how it got started, and how DotGreen plans to use a portion of the proceeds it receives from every  domain name registered in the .Green space to support its foundation dedicated to environmentally friendly causes.

We also covered the challenges of making Internet users aware of new domain extensions, and how established brands might consider using a  .Green domain to showcase their company and its eco-friendly work/causes. The DotGreen Foundation is one of four (4) applicants for the .Green registry.  ICANN could start approving and rolling-out new gTLDs like .Green as early as late spring of this year (2013).

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