imgres-31-150x49In a straightforward decision Facebook won a UDRP for the domain name The registrant was identified as “UDRP FA1206001451214” and the registrar was “ Pty Ltd.” of Australia.

The registrant had held the domain since 2006 and apparently used the site to link to pay-per click sites and, at one point, some kind of pseudo-survey website (according to

Facebook has certainly had bigger fish to fry in the past few years, but it is curious that the registrant was able to hold on to the site for roughly six (6) years before Facebook decided to act. Further, the panel stated in the decision that Facebook’s rights date back to “January 10, 2006”, even though the original USPTO application for the FACEBOOK mark lists a “Date of First Use” in 2004. There is a sentence in the “Bad Faith” section of the decision which states: “… [the] FACEBOOK mark, which was adopted and registered by Complainant years prior to Respondent’s registration of the disputed domain name, …” – but this contradicts the earlier statement that Facebook’s rights date back to “January 10, 2006”.

This seems curious, especially if at some point Facebook has to go after other cyber-squatters that may have registered domains which include the FACEBOOK mark before January 10, 2006...