Law Firms: Brand Identity Protection Services For Your Clients

Let us simplify the process of protecting your clients’ brands. DomainSkate will work with your law firm to monitor all of your clients’ brands and domains. We can also identify, evaluate, and monitor threats in real time, enabling you to take action swiftly.

DomainSkate’s Trademark Watching and Domain Discovery Reporting are more complete than the standard “watch list report” that most law firms currently use. Our trademark search checks the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for multiple variations on the mark, as well as for look- and sound-alike instances. Our patent-pending algorithms review over two dozen variations of your brand’s identity to find potential threats the other firms can’t touch.

DomainSkate’s domain discovery report doesn’t limit result counts or charge extra for country or new top level domains (TLDs). We provide the original 22 domains including “.com,” plus over 1000 new TLDs and nearly 100 of the most popular country code TLDs. Additionally, DomainSkate’s reports note potentially malicious sites, warning your paralegal staff before they investigate sites and end up unwittingly downloading computer viruses themselves.

The result is a win-win: You’ll be able to proactively identify and remedy online infringements and infractions, which makes you look like a hero to your client. And you’ll be able to do this without investing hours and hours of paralegal time to review tedious reports.

Why using DomainSkate makes sense for Law Firms:

  • Client trust in your firm builds, because you’re able to let them know if they’re being infringed—before it’s too late
  • You’re able to expand your services, which can broaden your client base
  • You’ll be able to generate value-added billable work for your firm

Trademark Watching

DomainSkate creates Brand Profiles for your clients to discover new trademark results from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on a monthly basis, including exact, approximate, and phonetic matches plus algorithmic matches from our patent-pending system. Details on the newly discovered trademarks are delivered in a monthly report.

socialmedia-discoverySocial Media Discovery

DomainSkate Social Discovery uses these Brand Profiles to find social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Results with the same account handles are grouped together, making it easy to see which ones are likely to be the most problematic. Basic social statistics for Facebook (likes) and Twitter (followers) are included, providing insight into a result’s popularity. You will receive monthly reports, more frequent reporting is also available.


domain-discoveryDomain Discovery

DomainSkate Domain Discovery uses each of your client’s Brand Identity Profiles—in conjunction with more than 20 algorithms and a specialized approach to search—to find relevant domains that bad actors may use to drive traffic away from your legitimate website and/or to impersonate your brand. Domains are presented in a Discovery Report, delivered as a PDF. Domains with active threats (such as malware or phishing) are clearly identified so you don’t unknowingly put yourself at risk by visiting a site.


lf-monitoringDomain Monitoring via our Live Dashboard

“Robust watch-list monitoring, on auto-pilot”

Domain Monitoring provides your entire team with all of the tools they need to manage multiple Brand Identity Profiles and to evaluate and monitor domains, directly from our Web App. The domains you select to watch are automatically monitored for changes every day. For example, if the Whois record, the screenshot, or the threat assessment have changed, you’ll know about it. A full history of evaluations are accessible online and will soon be downloadable via a Domain Security Dossier.

DomainSkate’s Legal Partner Services:

For those firms who want to offload this function, DomainSkate offers a managed service option.

  • DomainSkate programmatically monitors over 300 million data points daily and monitors all client brand and domain information across the Internet.
  • DomainSkate triages daily updated information and then passes risks to your law firm that meet a mutually agreed upon risk threshold per brand or client. This is done through the law firm’s dedicated account director, who understands the law firm’s requirements and portfolio.
  • Plans include management of as many brands as needed.

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