Protecting your clients’ online brands just got a lot easier. Phew.

We’ve made domain name monitoring easier and more cost-efficient than ever. With DomainSkate’s automated software solution, you can protect your clients from the misuse of company and brand identities by quickly identifying and classifying potential threats before bad actors divert web traffic, steal revenue, and damage brand reputations.

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Better information. More frequent updates.

Traditional domain watch reports provide a long list of newly registered domain names each month, without much intelligence.

To understand where your clients are at risk, you’d need to invest a lot of paralegal time sorting through these lengthy reports. And if someone in your firm clicks on a suspicious link in a report, you very well may compromise your entire firm’s computer security.

Even if you do all this, you still have no insight into what’s happening to domains between monthly updates.

DomainSkate provides a more efficient way to protect client brands, and mitigate risks as well. We bring attorneys critical information about client domain names and brand names when changes happen. Our visual dashboard and email alerts let you know when new infringements are discovered.

Interactive Domain Watching

No more long lists and even longer processing times. With DomainSkate, you’ll get alerts when something changes.

Screen Shots and Security

No need to visit a fake site to uncover what’s going on there. This keeps your network safe from sites with potential malware or phishing issues, and also speeds up the evaluation process.

WhoIs and Site Information

No need to invest time in researching site ownership or digging into where malicious sites are hosted. DomainSkate will also alert you if a site’s ownership or location changes, and when it expires.

Choose the Monitoring Frequency You Need

DomainSkate offers four options, so you can choose the update frequency that best meets your needs.


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