The ICANN NGPC (New gTLD Program Committee) issued a “scorecard” a few days ago summarizing its responses to the GAC advice from the recent ICANN meetings in Durban and Beijing. The “scorecard” is really no such thing – no scores or cards involved (would have been much more interesting with both/either) – it is simply a summary of the NGPC’s thoughts and responses to the pending GAC advice.

For certain registries that received GAC advice, like .spa, .shenzhen, yun, .wine, .vin and the like, the NGPC said it will issue a report at the upcoming ICANN Buenos Aires meeting in November 2013.

The .wine/.vin situation is worth watching because the GAC, in a letter to ICANN dated September 9, 2013 basically stated that the issue for the GAC is that its membership can’t agree on how to deal with the highly political issue presented by Napa Valley and European wine groups who want more protections for geographic names/indicators at the second level of these registries.

For .amazon and those strings that were put into either the Category 1 or 2 Safeguard Advice, the wait will likely be considerably longer as there was no mention of a resolution or recommendation by the NGPC by the time of the Buenos Aires meeting...