imgres-12-150x150Earlier today ICANN posted a new draft version of the Registry Agreement (RA) that “will┬áserve as the contractual document between successful New gTLD Applicants and ICANN, and will govern the rights and obligations of new gTLD registry operators.” In other words, if you applied for a New gTLD this document is a big deal. Comments are due by May 20 and replies by June 11, 2013.

The new RA does not address the suggestions from the GAC but it does, according to ICANN, revisethe following parts of the RA:

Agreement Amendment Procedures: The amendment procedures have been substantially reworked to provide greater clarity and procedural safeguards. A new mechanism for bilateral negotiation of amendments to the agreements has been added, including provision for public comment on proposed revisions and potential arbitration of some classes of proposed amendments.

Confidentiality Provision: A new confidentiality provision was inserted to ensure appropriate treatment of confidential information provided by a party to the other under the Agreement.

Reserved Names: Proposed revisions to Specification 5 would clarify the reserved names requirements, including a provision addressing registry operator use of names for the operation or the promotion of the TLD (capped at 100 names).”..