Today on the Internet Law Talk podcast, we did a wrap up of the week’s top headlines in Internet Domain and new Global Top Level Domain news.

We covered the launch of the new .NYC internet domain, and why it might  be important for a New York City based business to register their name in .NYC. Specifically, we discuss the potential brand and search benefits the .NYC domain may impart.

Patagonia clothing dropped their application for the .Patagonia new Top Level Domain after objections by Chile Argentina because of the territory known as Patagonia. The countries didn’t want Patagonia company to own it, and we discuss the outcome.

3. Legal Rights Objections – Decisions Issued in Three cases,  .Home, .VIP, .RIGHTATHOME. In these cases, the objections were dropped, meaning that these applicants can move forward to try to get these Top Level domains. We try to clarify what this means on the podcast. For the lawyers, this discussion is interesting b/c the trademark prosecution histories of the marks that the Objectors were asserting gave them rights became very relevant. It is going to be important for counsel to be aware of this in the future.

4. Finally, we talk about DomainSkate’s new status as a Trademark Clearinghouse agent, and why it is really important for businesses, small and large to pay attention to the TMCH AND to get a trademark now, if they haven’t done so.

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