imgres8-150x150In a decision issued by the NAF yesterday Microsoft won a UDRP decision for the domain name (no link provided on purpose). The site was particularly nasty, because it asks the user to download an update for Skype software and then asks for personal information. The decision described the hack in detail:

“[t]he at-issue domain name forwards to <> which displays an entry webpage with a message that reads “Attention! We are notifying you that your current version of skype may be out of date. Download the latest update now!” Users selecting ‘Continue’ are directed to a new webpage which prominently displays a SKYPE logo and are then asked, among other things, to disclose their mobile phone number. Within the context surrounding the request, asking Internet users to disclose their mobile phone number or any other personal information constitute phishing. [citation omitted]. Respondent’s fine print also discloses that its website is used to promote paid offers. The fine print disclaimer states: ‘you will be presented with third party advertisements that may require a paid subscription and other charges,’ and making it clear that the at-issue domain name is being used to generate revenue for Respondent. [emphasis added]”

The decision also notes that the registrant, Song Bin, has been on the adverse end of several UDRP cases and that using the promise of updated software to get users to disclose information is particularly egregious behavior that is most definitely indicative of bad faith conduct.

In any case, good for Microsoft for shutting this site down.  Also, it is important to be aware of any similar types of websites or scam sites that ask you to download software or provide personal information.  The site is still up and running as of this writing – Microsoft is likely still going through the transfer procedure to get the domain...