Last month my wife asked me to pay our home mortgage online. I remembered the URL or domain name (different from the name of the bank) and thought I typed it in correctly. The page that I landed on looked a bit odd, and I quickly checked the address bar before entering any personal information. Sure enough, I had gone to a mistyped domain, and ended up on a website that was attempting to scam unsuspecting bank customers. How often does this happen to you?  

According to Internet Live Stats, there are roughly 1 billion websites, and Google serves over 3 billion searches per day. Mistypes are all too common, and even if only 1% of people mistype a web address, that’s still millions of browsing visits gone wrong. This is what the bad guys are counting on, your mistake, or rather, your mistype!

When visiting a well known bank’s student loan site (whose name we will leave out), forget the ‘s’ in loans, and your browser will end up at a special site. One day it showed a DirectTV page (see graphic), another day it showed Office Depot and another day redirected to a Yahoo search. It could have easily redirected to a fake student loan site.

This type of cybercrime is called typosquatting. It’s an almost invisible threat to businesses and their (very vulnerable) customers and potential customers. A firewall can’t stop it, and a search engine won’t find it until it’s too late. Domain infringements via mistypes can create a security and brand risk to your business.

A travel-industry client who tried DomainSkate for the first time found several websites with very similar names to his brand name. The websites had content related to our client’s exact area of travel. However, if a consumer had found one of these sites while searching for our client, they would become a lost business opportunity. Clicking on these faux sites took consumers to our client’s competition! The competitor was counting on mistypes and confusion around our client’s brand name to bring his site traffic and gain a new customer.

Our client would never have known about the almost invisible threat of these mistype-sites and these same-name-but-different extension sites without a monitoring tool like DomainSkate. Companies of all sizes are finding web addresses that are mistypes set up to confuse and obtain traffic.

There are a few ways to handle this problem.

  1. Think of all the common ways people can mistype your business name, and buy all those domains. Potentially expensive, and with over 700 domain extensions, a very hard proposition.
  2. Manually visit all the potential mistype sites you can think of. Make a list of the ones you’re worried about. Check them regularly in your browser. This is time consuming, and  if you’ve missed one, you may never see the risk until a customer has an issue.
  3. Use a system to monitor for those registering those mistypes to your name, and take action if the content is suspicious or infringing. The safest option for your brand against domain infringements!

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