We’re pleased to share the new features in DomainSkate 2.1, our latest version. For many years, lawyers and brands have relied on list-based domain watching services, usually based on a company’s trademark and limited to a certain number of results or domains. These services are effectively obsolete, since once you get the list, you have to check each result, log it in a document or spreadsheet, and manually research information on its owner.


DomainSkate knows there’s a better way. Our system provides a visual, immediate and complete view of how your company’s name is being used in the domain space, and we allow domain and web-watching in a quick and much more effective way.

Your brand’s “digital identity” is made up of brand names, domain names, trademarks, slogans, social media handles, app store entries, popular search terms and more. Digital identities are cleverly used by “Bad Actors” to:

Each of the above attacks relied on a website or digital asset owned by a bad actor. DomainSkate helps you discover, evaluate and monitor threats that originate from web domains, and works across technology, legal, marketing and executive functions to enable proper response. We reduce risk and facilitate action so you don’t end up as a news story.

We would love to talk with you directly – you can join us for a 30 minute in-person meeting or video conference to explain the features and any answer questions. You can sign up by clicking here.

Our new release, DomainSkate 2.1, includes the following:

Improvements to Search Results:

We’re getting information more frequently on a number of country code TLDs, and we have also added the .UK domain registry to the vast list of domains we monitor on your behalf.

Whois and Domain Ownership Monitoring

This major dashboard improvement means that domains you “Watch” in our system are now monitored for modifications in in domain ownership, including owner or admin name, contact information, status, or DNS records (nameserver) changes. 
DomainSkate 2.1 security dialog

When a domain you’re watching is expiring in 30 days or less, has expired, has moved servers or changed ownership, you will receive email notifications. You’ll also see new flags in the app (like the picture below). This is a huge help for lawyers, companies and others that need to know the behind-the-scenes status changes that most other vendors ignore or charge extra to show.
DomainSkate 2.1 alert box

We’d be very happy to show you how the new features work, or provide a demo report for a brand. Please contact your DomainSkate representative, or fill out our contact form. If you haven’t seen the latest DomainSkate offerings, let us show you how we can help protect your brand’s identity.  Zoloft is a strong medical antidepressant, provides a fast effect, is safe during the prolonged consumption. Buy Zoloft Online. Buy zoloft no Prescription. Zoloft is used for treating depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Buy Priligy used to treat premature ejaculation in men. Buy Dapoxetine USA tablet, medically proven treatment that extends the time a man can last before dapoxetine online. Dapoxetine Canada – Online Pharmacy. Many credit card number, personal health information and other medications to appreciate the huge discounts we offer….