The new domain space is bringing fresh choices for consumers and new ways to connect to business, including six new registries that are directly related to the law.  Those registries are .LAW, .LEGAL, .ATTORNEY, .ESQ, .ABOGADO, and .LAWYER. Thus, for lawyers or firms considering switching to a new domain space or adding a domain in one of these registries there is going to be a lot of competition for your business. Can the market actually support all these registries? 

The registry with the most domains right now is .LAWYER which has almost 9,000. While there is a good possibility that .ABOGADO will be able to differentiate itself from the pack by appealing to Spanish speaking lawyers/firms (and as an alternative Spanish language site for those firms that have clients that speak both English and Spanish) the rest seem to be entirely redundant, at least from a layperson perspective.

This would not seem to be the only bad news for these law focused registries, as they will also likely be squeezed by local registries like .NYC, and .LONDON that have been doing a good job of marketing themselves as the place to be, and be found, for local businesses. Thus, a law firm in New York City may look at the .NYC space as a nice alternative or addition to their existing domains, but is that same firm going to choose a “law” registry also? And if so, which one would they choose? If these registries can’t explain their specific value proposition, and how they are different than the others, a potential customer is likely going to look at the whole space and simply decide not to do anything.

Choice and innovation are the cornerstones of the ICANN New gTLD program. With this influx of law-related registries, there is certainly more choices for consumers who want new/better domains, but it is unclear whether new choices will translate to better services, opportunities and law related outreach from law firms and law related businesses.

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