nyc_circle-150x150New York City will be the first city in the world to have its own geographic top level domain name – .NYC.  With the new domain registry, Internet users will instantly know that the businesses they are seeing online with a .NYC address are legitimate city-based entities.

According to the press release Mayor Bloomberg remarked that: “[h]aving our own unique, top-level domain – .nyc – puts New York City at the forefront of the digital landscape and creates new opportunities for our small businesses.” Mayor Bloomberg’s vision is that .NYC will bring attention to city based small businesses by immediately identifying them as a New York City business.

Why would getting a .NYC domain benefit your business? Well, because the location of a business is increasingly driving online search, the introduction of .NYC could raise the profile of businesses using these domains in search results for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Additionally, “verified” NYC businesses could gain an aura of trust or legitimacy. Plus, the city may promote .NYC businesses, giving a “marketing bonus” of sorts to registrants.

But, one challenge that businesses will face in the .NYC space is that other parties (businesses, individuals, cyber-squatters, etc…) could register a business name in this new space before you do, or without you knowing about it. What you can do to protect yourself before and after the .NYC registry goes live? DomainSkate is in business to help companies like yours protect your brand online. The .NYC registry is just one of over a thousand (1,000) that are going to be added to the Internet in the next year – many in the next few months. This new Internet Expansion (infographic) is way bigger than the growth the US had with the Louisiana Purchase. We’ll be sharing additional advice regularly to help you consider .NYC and other new domains, and what they mean to your business.

Meanwhile, there has not been an announcement as to how the .NYC registry and registration details will be handled so we will wait to see what sorts of additional requirements and fees will be involved. The official website for .NYC states that trademark owners with a New York City address will be given registration priority (so you might want to get a Trademark application going if you haven’t done so already.) Additionally, applicants for a .NYC domain must be a New York City business or organization with a New York City address, a resident with a New York City address, or someone who conducts business within New York City. All applications will also have to be approved by .NYC’s official registry provider.

Stay tuned – we’ll let you know when this is updated for .NYC AND other top level domains...