Today, we’re thrilled to be opening DomainSkate to a select group of individuals for private beta testing.

Cybersquatting is happening everywhere. People have registered  bogus domains like “” and “” and the list goes on and on.

Is an infringing domain name costing your company business, creating customer confusion, or hurting your ability to reach customers online? Now you can solve this issue, save company thousands of dollars, and help one start-up hone its online service offering at the same time.

We’re DomainSkate, and with our years of experience in the Intellectual Property field, we’re making it easier for you to solve your cybersquatter problem.

DomainSkate gives anyone (lawyers and non-lawyers alike) the ability to prepare a domain name arbitration complaint (“UDRP”) document. At the end of the process, you can bring this complaint to your own attorney, or pass it to our non-exclusive law firm partner who will review it and file it on your behalf.

In exchange for testing DomainSkate we’ll ask you to answer questions about your experience and give us your impressions. Since you’re tesing us, DomainSkate is waiving our fees. (Arbitration fees are your responsibility).

If you’re interested, email or sign up for the beta...