Oh no! The Internet is being overtaken by 1000 new domains! Are you ready for the battle?

Yep. Spring has finally arrived (here in the NY area) and with it are some pretty big online changes of which you may not be familiar.  The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (fondly called ICANN) is implementing over 1000 new potential domain names in 2014 alone – the largest ever expansion of the domain name system since the dawn of the ‘net.

For many businesses, securing domains such as .NYC, .CORP and .INC will be a top priority to prevent cyber squatters from taking advantage of online brands. As with all new domains, the names will not be released all at once – they will be rolled out to different groups at different times with varying prices—and various add-ons for businesses.

In fact, .NYC may create its own search engine for businesses located within the city limits.

Luckily, you can still find all the armaments you need to fight back against cyber squatters out to defame your brand. Here’s how:  Pre-register your top priority domain names at http://registrar.domainskate.com/.

And to prepare yourself for the steady rollout of domains throughout ‘14, here are a few tips to keep your brand name protected and safe:

1. Be Proactive

If your business has a registered trademark, you are eligible to join the International Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), which will grant special protections for your company – a great first line of defense against cyber squatters.

2.     Actively Search for Problems

Be sure to monitor search engine results on your brand regularly to ensure nobody is trying to siphon traffic away from you.  Take a look at how domainSkate makes this process quick and pain-free: http://domainskate.com/online-brand-protection/.

3.     React Quickly

If, for whatever reason, someone does get hold of your valued name, you can remedy it by filing a Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) claim.  For more information on the UDRP process, and to receive TMCH protection immediately, log on to http://domainskate.com/all-about-udrps/

With 1000+ new domains invading the internet in the coming months, and all the hoopla sure to be surrounding these rollouts, businesses must remain aware of potential dangers that come with having an online brand.  For all the latest info on ICANN, UDRP, gTLDs and other obscure acronyms, check out the domainSkate blog at http://domainskate.com/blog/.