When you set up your DomainSkate Dashboard, you may end up with just a few results. You may also end up with many results, depending on the domain names you own. This article will help you learn to refine your search, sort and better parse your DomainSkate dashboard results.

Below is our dashboard. I’m tracking 2 domain names – DomainSkate.com and TrueInteraction.com.


One immediate thing I can do is to click on just one domain name, TrueInteraction.com, in the “My Brands & Domains” box on the left side of the screen.


By clicking “TrueInteraction.com” by dashboard filters the results to show me only results for that domain name. If I clicked on “Domainskate.com” the dashboard would hide the True Interaction results. Clicking on the “Brand” item “DomainSkate” would show me all the results for both domain names. Clicking “All” would show me all results from all brands.

Now that I can easily filter results to show only one domain name, I can do more parsing of results. Below, my dashboard shows 15 records for DomainSkate.com. One record is my actual name “as entered.” So, I can click the checkbox next to the name, and pull down the tab menu. I choose to “Ignore” my own domain name, and it will be hidden.


Now there are several other results, like “DomainState” and “DomainSlate” that are legitimate websites (which I checked with the “Browse” and “WhoIs” features in the “Investigate column.”) Even though their domain name is similar to mine, they are not infringements. I can check the multiple domain names for DomainState.net, DomainSlate.org, etc., and “Ignore” them as well.


Now I found a domain called “DomainKate.com” (hard to see in the screen shot below.) I find that it’s a domain parking site, and I want to investigate further. So I check it and put it in the “Under Review” tab.


Clicking the “Under Review” tab shows me all the domains I’m reviewing.


I was able to click on the “Notes” field and add a note about this domain being a parked domain name. I can have someone else review this further.

That’s a basic overview of how to refine your search on the DomainSkate dashboard. If you have questions, ask in the comments below, or click the “support” button on the right of the page, and search our knowledge base.





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