searchThe United States is bringing criminal charges against 5 Chinese military computer hackers who gained access to different corporate computer systems. Specifically, the U.S. Justice Dept. unsealed a cyber-spying indictment yesterday detailing the activities of the hackers. The Los Angeles Times report explained that the hackers, in most cases, used a technique called “spearphishing”, and noted that:

“[t]he technique isn’t particularly sophisticated, but cybersecurity experts warn that it can be tricky. Unlike traditional phishing, in which scammers send out a mass email hoping for someone to bite, the spearphisher ‘thrives on familiarity’ and ‘knows your name, your email address, and at least a little about you,’ according to the website for Norton, the malware prevention and removal service. ‘The salutation on the email message is likely to be personalized: ‘Hi Bob’ instead of ‘Dear Sir.’ ”

In spearphishing, the problem link often uses the target company’s name in the URL, but with a slight variation that may go unnoticed. For companies trying to avoid having their customers or employees targeted, a brand protection system is very important. Using the DomainSkate system, you can see if a third party has registered a domain with your company name and is trying to entice your customers or employees to divulge private information to that site. This “low tech” scam makes a hacker’s life much easier because they don’t have to hack their way through fire-walls and encryption codes. The user or employee is fooled into divulging the relevant information. Knowing who is using your company’s name or URL online can help prevent this type of situation – or at least give you time to send a warning to employees and customers to watch for specific links and domain registrations.Therefore, Buy dapoxetine Online works by causing the inhibition of enzyme PDE-5 and activation of cGMP. dapoxetine causes the erection by producing order dapoxetine online cheap. If you have a need to buy high-quality Priligy no prescription, in our online pharmacy you can will get Dapoxetine in short period of time and pay. Doxycycline tablets prevent malaria. Buy your tablets from Superdrug Online Doctor – prescription and delivery are included. Local pharmacy pick-up available doxycycline buy online. Doxycycline online. Doxycycline medication. Buy Doxycycline without prescription. You can find generic and branded medication in our online Store….