imgres5-146x150The Trademark Clearinghouse is open for brand owners and mark holders to register their trademarks and take advantage of the Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) offered by ICANN and the individual registries that are soon to come online.

One way to take advantage of the Trademark Clearinghouse is to stay up on “Sunrise” periods that are offered to participants before the general public can register domains.

Specifically, theĀ Sunrise period opens up at least 30 days before domain names are publicly sold by a new registry. Trademark owners can take advantage of the Sunrise to purchase/register domain names that matchs their trademarks. Sunrise periods are mandatory for all of the new gTLDs coming online and registering a mark in the Clearinghouse is the minimum requirement to participate.

For more information shoot us an e-mail and look for our DS Best Practices Reminder which will have regular updates and advice on best practices to use in the New gTLD world...