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Domain Name News: Last Week in Review

Last week was a big one for domain news. From AdWeek to The Guardian it seemed like everyone had an opinion on the .Sucks domain and its possible effect on brands and businesses. We were thinking about it too -- will the domain stay true to its mission to become a place where customers can vent? Time will tell.

By | April 6, 2015|

What To Do If Someone Takes Your Domain Name

Its important to know what to do if someone takes your domain name, or a domain name that is a very close match or mistype for your name.

By | June 29, 2014|

Are the new Top Level Domain Names Really an Internet Land Rush?

New domain names to the right side of the dot will join .Com, .Net and others in your web browser - what does it mean for your business?

By | November 18, 2013|