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Donuts and TLD Defensive Registrations

New Global Top Level Domains (TLDs) are coming online as soon as October of this year, to join .Com, .Net and others as a way to find businesses and brands on the Internet. Over the next 12 months, as many as 1000 new Top Level Domains such as .Camera, .Email, .Pets, .Kitchen, .Photos, .Business and [...]

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Top 7 Things You Don’t Know About Domains in 2015

At DomainSkate we’re constantly talking with business owners who are just learning what we know -- that the Internet as we all knew it has changed significantly. New domains are launching every day offering people more options to grow their brand online. At the same time, these new domains are also raising a lot of [...]

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How New Domains Affect Small Business

In our recent panel on positioning your brand to succeed in the new Dot-anything world, we discussed how new domains affect small business.

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Domains Can Improve Business Branding and SEO

The panel covered how domains can improve branding and SEO, including new top level domains like .NYC

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Positioning Your Business To Succeed in The New .DotAnything World

Positioning Your Business To Succeed in The New .DotAnything World," this panel discussion will help small and midsized businesses and small and midsized lawfirms to understand the opportunities and challenges in the new "Dot Anything" world of the Internet domain names. On September 10th, at We Work NYC on 175 Varick Street, 8th Floor, New [...]

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How to get a .NYC domain – and how to use it

We talk with the team from .NYC to learn how to get a .NYC domain and how to use it to promote your New York City-based business.

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Learn about the .NYC Domain with DomainSkate

Join DomainSkate to learn about the .NYC domain, and how the new internet domains will be changing the internet as we know it. Live Podcast 6/10 at 11am.

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New Internet Domains, new gTLDs and a .NYC Update

Our Internet Law Talk podcast covered new domains, including .NYC

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Are the new Top Level Domain Names Really an Internet Land Rush?

New domain names to the right side of the dot will join .Com, .Net and others in your web browser - what does it mean for your business?

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DomainSkate News Roundup

Will Social Save .Brand domains? Did the USPS just mail it in? New alerts for domains that are expiring. The DomainSkate News roundup for Aug. 2, 2013

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Internet Law Talk – 8/1/13 Podcast

We discuss the .AMAZON New gTLD application and the role of the Government Advisory Council in making decisions about geographic TLDs, the recent decision concerning the Legal Rights Objection for .MUSIC, .MAIL, and more.

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Internet Law Talk 7-11-13

Today on the Internet Law Talk podcast, we did a wrap up of the week's top headlines in Internet Domain and new Global Top Level Domain news, including the .NYC domain and Google moving forward with their application for .Home.

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Transcript of 6/13 Podcast With DotClub Regarding The New gTLD Program

Below is the written transcript of our discussion last week with Colin Campbell (CEO) and Jeff Sass (CMO) of DotClub Domains, concerning their application for .CLUB and recent victory at the first private auction for a top level registry.

By | June 17, 2013|

DomainSkate to Interview DOTCLUB on Internet Law Talk Podcast

Join us on Thursday, June 13th, at 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific, when our guests on the Internet Law Talk Podcast will be Colin Campbell and Jeff Sass of DOTCLUB, the winners of the recent private auction for the .CLUB Top Level Domain registry.

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Summary of our Twitter Chat on Internet Expansion with @StephYFinance

Here is a link to the Storify/Summary of our Twitter Chat with Stephanie Grayson (@StephYFinance) of Yahoo! Finance about the Internet Expansion and new gTLD program.

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