The race is on for the 2016 presidency, but this time, candidates have a new headache to deal with: internet domain challenges. Almost every 2016 presidential candidate has a domain issue. Ted Cruz’s campaign neglected to purchase (leading to major embarrassment) and Carly Fiorina’s .Org domain name was taken by someone with a grudge against her work record at Hewlett Packard.  The media has been paying close attention these flubs, putting domain problems in the spotlight.

Earlier this year,  we created a helpful Presidential Guide to Registering Domain Names. We advised that no campaign could possibly own all names and variations, but there were key properties to obtain. Since then, we’ve found quite a few domains which candidates should own, but don’t possess.


A selection of domains that candidates do not own

Since her initial stumble with, Ms. Fiorina’s team has done a decent job registering domain names. However, there are still a few that she didn’t get to in time:

  • redirects to a blog site that explains what cyber squatting is and how Fiorina became the victim of #DomainGate.
  • that is a blog that contains links to articles that portray Carly Fiorina in a negative light.
  •, the site that sparked her woes, still has 30,000 “:(“ frown face icons representing all the people who lost jobs during her tenure running HP.

This is Hillary Clinton’s second try for the White House but her team still failed to register or at least monitor relevant domains. HillaryRodhamClinton.Democrat and HillaryClintonForPresident2016.US both redirect to, which offers unflattering photos and information. But kudos to her for shelling out the money to register before someone else did.

Candidates should consider obtaining common misspellings of their names. Lindsey Graham, for example, has failed to register Someone did, the site says that it isn’t owned by Lindsey Graham but yet it still offers quotes from him. is even more eyebrow-raising. The site creator posted photos  of scantily-clad women along with the statement “is Lindsey Graham a pretty warmonger”.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is expected to announce that he will run for president on June 30th. Until a few days ago the domain was owned by another individual named Chris Christie who resides in Wisconsin, and who used it as a personal site. The Christie Campaign seems to have been able to acquire this site very recently. is a weight-gain program that’s pretty insulting to the GOP presidential hopeful.

Few campaigns have obtained their candidate’s names in the .Fail, .Vote, or .Rocks domains. There are some glaring omissions in the .GOP and .Democrat domains as well.  While candidates and brands can’t buy all possible names (see our Presidential Guide to Registering Domain Names), there are some places that shouldn’t be hard for a group of staffers to brainstorm and buy relevant names. Granted, they may not be as good as the comedy writers at The Daily Show, who bought LickSantorum.Net, but with a proper monitoring and protection strategy for a candidate’s name, front runners won’t be surprised.If you have a need to buy high-quality Gabapentin without prescription for good price, in our online pharmacy you can order Neurontin online in short period of neurontin no rx. Buy NEURONTIN In Canada Lowest Price. Gabapentin is an antiepileptic or anticonvulsant treatment originally designed … as some claim there is no evidence the medication provides any benefit in some neurontin without prescription. Online Pharmacy Community Builders Team Work Week, Neurontin Without Prescription….