This was an active week for UDRP decisions and domain news.

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Now here’s the roundup:

6 Arbitration Providers Win 18 of 19 Arbitration Domains in One UDRP

By Michael Berkens at

“It appears that the Respondent is using and has used Domain Names to, without the permission of the Complainants, redirect to the Respondent’s Website. The Respondent’s Website advertises the Respondent, who purports to offer legal services in connection with international arbitration. The key question is whether this use amounts to use of the Domain Names for a bona fide offering of goods or services.”

IBM Loses UDRP on OpenPower.ORG Domain Name

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DomainSkate Note: This case is a great example of the fact that a trademark alone isn’t reason enough to transfer a domain: as IBM’s “OpenPower” products were abandoned in 2006, the panel found it unlikely that support services would still be in demand in 2013.

ICANN working group seeks to kill WHOIS via ComputerWorld

An ICANN working group is seeking input on a replacement for the current WHOIS system for retrieving details of domain name registrations 

StubHub wins Big at the UDRP Box Office – 123 Domains Transferred via DomainSkate

The case is noteworthy for how the panel dealt with the consolidation issue which allowed eBay Inc. to join in the proceeding and included a second respondent who the Complainant argued was an “alter ego” of the first respondent.