A UDRP case was commenced earlier today with the NAF over the domain names, <www.welldonebbqs.com> and <www.welldonebbqcleaning.com>.

Both domains resolve to the website for a business called THE BBQ GUYS which is a Toronto/Ontario based business that apparently cleans barbecues. The name WELL DONE BBQ is used as a trademark by the registrant of the domain name <www.welldonebbq.com> which is also an Ontario based business engaged in the cleaning of barbecues.

The guys at WELL DONE BBQ are presumably the Complainant’s in the action and are probably pretty upset that a rival company is using their name to divert traffic.

The filing and situation are instructive because it illustrates that UDRP filings are not just for Fortune 500 companies or descriptive/generic domains that have value as common terms. Issues over domain names are just as likely to effect small businesses that use the Internet as their primary tool for connecting with customers.

Overall, the registrations (on their face) appear to be pretty blatant attempts to mess up or mess with WELL DONE BBQ. There would seem to be ample opportunity here for the parties to come to an agreed resolution – and come on, there have to be enough barbecues in Canada for everyone?..