With news about presidential candidates getting ready to start their campaigns for the 2016 race, it is timely to note that the .VOTE and .VOTING registries are live. The .VOTE website, in particular, explains the mission of this new Internet opportunity:

“.VOTE exists to reduce confusion with domain names and create…[a] space where voters can find reliable information regarding current elected officials and candidates seeking public office at all levels…”

They also suggest that campaigns can have meaningful names and that elected officials can have a place to send voters for “reliable information.”

When cybersquatters register a political domain name it generates a lot of press – think Jeb Bush, who lost his JebBushForPresident.com domain prior to 2008 to a couple who didn’t like his stance on an issue. Other well-known politicians like President Obama, Senator McCain, and Governor Christie have all had issues with cyber-squatted domains. An article linked on the .VOTE site suggests that this domain may help reduce political cybersquatting. A .VOTE rep stated that “[n]o deceptive or disparaging names will be registered.” For the more “specific” campaigns, the .Democrat and .GOP TLDs are also live and available.

It will be interesting to see if these registries can become the recognized and trusted addresses for political campaigns. Beyond the political landscape, the .VOTE and .VOTING registries could provide compelling ways to brand causes or public service programs (on the local or national level). It is easy to envision names registered to support specific pieces of legislation on issues like the environment, criminal justice, public parks, animal rights, or the economy.

At this time, the .VOTING registry in particular appears to have gained some traction and a broad audience, as it is currently ranked in the Top 100 New gTLDs with over 11,000 domains registered. We have already seen domains in both registries popping up in our search algorithm and database.Dr Fox online prescription of doxycycline antibiotics for the treatment of chlamydia symptoms from UK pharmacy doxycycline for sale. Doxycycline anti-malaria tablets available without prior prescription from Express Pharmacy. Neurontin (Gabapentin) is designed in order to control partial seizures (convulsions) in adult patients with epilepsy buy neurontin online without prescription! Worldwide shipping. Buy Neurontin Online….