domainskate-exampleIts important to know what to do if someone takes your domain name, or a name that is a very close match or mistype for your brand name. A very important thing is to find out that it happened, and find out quickly. At DomainSkate we monitor for this every day.

If you find that there is a name DomainSkate dashboard that is identical, or nearly identical, to your business name, the next question is “What can you do about it?”
First, make sure to look at the site itself, and see what is on it. On your dashboard, you’ll see a screenshot that indicates the initial content on the site. The content will determine your next steps. If the domain name is linked to a website that is being used to tarnish your business, hurt consumers by spreading malware, confuse or scam consumers who are looking for you online, or worse, then it is important to take immediate action.

Logical next steps could be contacting legal counsel, sending a letter to the registrant and registrar of the website, notifying the appropriate authorities, and perhaps warning consumers to steer clear of the site. Lawyers using the system may send a cease-and-desist or consider filing a UDRP (domain arbitration) on behalf of their client.

If the website is a simple parking site, or a site being run by a person or business that may also have legitimate rights in the name (and is running a legitimate business) then simply watching the site (using the Watch button in the DomainSkate dashboard) to see how it is used over time may be the best option. If the site content, or whois ownership information changes, DomainSkate’s system will notify you automatically.

One important thing is to always be monitoring your domain and business name. DomainSkate allows you to do this proactively, giving you confidence that you

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