imgres4-150x109The Yellowstone Mountain Club, LLC (“YMC”) filed a UDRP complaint this past week seeking transfer of the domain name which is a site that, as it explains in its own words: “[t]his site is dedicated to reporting on the various aspects of the Yellowstone Club, and the events that surround the Yellowstone Club bankruptcy, and Edra Blixseth. This reporter has found greed, corruption, shady funding, and fraud throughout the investigation. On this website we will separate fact from fiction, and follow the facts of the story wherever they may lead.”

And this it does, with links, images, a timeline, news, and all sorts of information relating to YMC and the bankruptcy proceedings concerning the YMC. The bankruptcy appears to have concluded back in 2012 with broad allegations of impropriety by the presiding Judge, Governor Schweitzer of Montana, Credit Suisse, some of the investors in YMC, and legal motions by Tour de France winner Greg LeMond in Montana state court. It’s not clear that the matter is resolved at this point.

The WHOIS information for the domain name is protected by a privacy protection service, so we don’t know who the registrant is at the moment, but it should be an interesting case. The site at looks like a relatively legit gripe site, it has a disclaimer at the bottom explaining that it is a news site, and the homepage heading is: “The Untold Story Behind Yellowstone Club”, but it will be interesting to see how the matter shakes out under UDRP law and whether the registrant’s focus on the news/issues of alleged mis-dealings will lead to a finding that it has a legitimate interest in the domain and/or has not acted in bad faith by reporting on these alleged activities.