Say goodbye to monthly reports, lengthy spreadsheets and manual lookups.

We know how much work it is to use traditional domain watch reports. So we built a service that’s easier for lawyers to use and much more powerful.

With DomainSkate’s domain monitoring service, you’ll be able to proactively identify and remedy online infringements and infractions—which makes you look like a hero to your client. And you’ll be able to do this in less time and at a lower cost—which makes you a hero to your firm.

The verdict is in: Law firms win with DomainSkate.

Firms that use DomainSkate tools build client trust—by alerting clients about infringements before it’s too late. They expand services, broadening their client base, and generating value-added billable work for the firm.

Get started for $69/month


Online attacks affect your reputation and revenue.

Learn how to identify and resolve online brand identity issues before they impact your business.


Don’t become a cybercrime statistic.

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As a business based on obtaining valuable information fast, DomainSkate’s platform is exactly what we need. It provides information in real time through automatic updates, and keeps a persistent eye on pre-existing websites and domains. We highly recommend DomainSkate to every business that needs to clear, monitor and protect their valuable IP.

Tim Santono, Santoni Investigations & Backgrounds
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The online brand protection technology and services that DomainSkate provides is incomparable; it is literally not available anywhere else, and my clients can’t do this work by themselves. it’s visual, comprehensive,easy to set up and provides critical intelligence. DomainSkate has saved myself and my clients significant time and money.


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