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Brand protection protects your company from fraud. It also protects all of your customers from phishing attacks and fraud in your name.

Find out some of the top brands that use and trust DomainSkates's services to protect their brands on the internet and Web3.

Use our free service 'Threat Finder' to get a list of 10 sites that may be infringing on your brand.

Get a map to our New York City offices.

Deliver predictive threat intelligence data directly from our platform to yours integrated via Webhooks and APIs.

At DomainSkate, we redefine brand management through a combination of cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique personal needs.

DomainSkate’s Fraud Preventer monitors domain registrations, analyzes phishing websites, identifies typo squatting domains, and maintains a domain watchlist.

Use our free service 'Threat Finder' to get a list of 10 sites that may be infringing on your brand.

Get a free market study that uses DomainSkate’s proprietary data, with comments and analysis by FouAnalytics.

Dive into a world of expertise with our webinar videos. Explore insights, trends, and practical tips from industry experts.

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