Brand Protection Software – Why Lawyers and Paralegals are Critical to Effective Operations

There has been a lot of efficiency brought to brand protection and legal operations as a result of the internet and online legal tech resources. As a result, brand protection operations that formerly required manual searches and lengthy spreadsheets can now be automated and controlled in a single dashboard.  The DomainSkate brand protection software – dashboard has been created with this goal in mind, but even with all of this capacity and increased intelligence, attorneys and paralegals are critical to making the entire operation work seamlessly.

soThat is, while software can help legal professionals do their jobs more efficiently, and free them up to focus on the “law”, it is not a substitute for the important judgment and asset management decisions that come along with effective brand monitoring.  For our purposes, we encourage brand owners to integrate legal professionals into their brand protection work, and use software to assist those people in making them more efficient and smarter about the threats that the brand faces on a daily basis.  

As a best practice we recommend the following:

  • Make sure your legal team is part of your brand protection strategy. Keeping them in the loop will save time and money later on when there are problems;
  • Focus your team on reducing liabilities from potential threats and maximizing assets that are valuable to your business; and 
  • Time is money – brand protection should not be take too much time, or money, when done properly. Software like DomainSkate can keep you up on evolving threats without complicating work in other areas. 

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