Domain Names and Preventing Phishing Attacks With Brand Protection Software

Domain names are the linchpin for running effective phishing attacks. Domain names that mirror or mimic the brand name of a company are the clearest indicator of the potential source origin of an e-mail or other digital communication for the majority of consumers. A recent study found that almost 75% of domain names that are similar to brands owned by the 2,000 largest global companies were not actually owned by those companies. This is not a coincidence – scammers register fake domain names that mimic these brands because they provide instant recognition and the all-important trust factor. 

The FBI website explains phishing schemes with the following explanation: 

New technologies will make it even easier for scammers to run large numbers of phishing scams in parallel and without human intervention. Specifically, chatbots that can mimic human interactions will free up scammers from having to do manual work to interact with potential victims.  Software that focuses on finding those domain names can even the playing field, and make sure that all members of your team are able to track and act on threats that could hurt your business. 

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