Introducing the Brand Balance Sheet™

We are excited to offer the DomainSkate Brand Balance Sheet™ to our platform. The Brand Balance Sheet is a comprehensive report that breaks-down a company’s brand assets and liabilities in an easy to understand format.

It also provides important macro information on basic questions every company should be able to answer about their online assets and liabilities, such as:

  • Where are infringers registering our name (which registries)?
  • What countries do we own most of our domains?
  • Are we keeping up with appropriate defensive registrations?
  • Are competitors registering domain names ahead of us?
  • Are there social media handles registered that use our name?
  • Are there e-commerce platforms using our name?
  • What names are being used to mislead consumers?

The Brand Balance Sheet™ can be used across departments to ensure every group understands the company’s online assets vs. liabilities, and has the necessary intelligence to make decisions about when to act on risks, and how to protect valuable digital assets.

Send us an e-mail at to get a free report and start a free trial with DomainSkate.

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