Over 7,000 CHATGPT Domain Names Are Now Registered

The number of domain names that contain the term CHATGPT continues to rise, with our platform now watching and picking up over 7,000 registered domain names. It is not surprising to see that the name is popular, but this number is astonishing.  One of the things we are seeing is that the exact term CHATGPT is being registered in every possible New gTLD registry – these are the registries that are fairly recent (not .COM, .INFO or .ORG) additions to the Domain Name System. 

There are now over 900 different registrations for CHATGPT in different NEW gTLDs, including:


In terms of protecting the name, one of the things that is concerning about how much attention ChatGpt is getting is the risk that the term could become generic; think XEROX, THERMOS, ASPIRIN, and GRANOLA – all of which started out as trademarked properties and then become generic terms. Mass use of a brand name is terrific, up to the point that it becomes interchangeable with how people refer to that type of product or service, without reference to the actual commercial source of origin. 



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