Update – CHATGPT Domain Names Surge

The number of ChatGPT domain names that we found this week grew by over 250 domains from last week to a total of over 590 domain names as of this writing. In particular, there has been a huge run on domains that we refer to as EXTENSIONS or the exact CHATGPT name with a .com, .org, .info and other types of gTLD extensions, attached to it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2023-01-25-at-11.34.14-AM.png

Everything under the sun seems to have the name including such notable extensions as .poker, .luxe, and .click. We anticipate that the next run on domains will start to include common terms and phrases.

We are also monitoring the domains for scams, and have marked several as suspicious and will provide a further update on those domains as they change and start to put up content or websites. There are several other AI search tools and artistic tools that are coming out right now, and as the other tools become popular and widely used we will include them in our analysis as well. 



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