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DomainSkate’s software protects your customers and brand from fake websites, phishing attacks, counterfeit sales, social media hacks, and more. 


Domain Threat Finder

NOTE: Search domain like: (without https:// or / at the end)

  • The DomainSkate Domain Threat Finder allows you to see domain names and websites that are using your brand name.
  • These sites may be owned by you or a third party that intends to use the domain name to deceive customers or engage in phishing scams or malware distribution.
  • The Threat Finder displays some of the domain names and websites, and you can contact us for more information and results that we track daily.
  • You can use the Threat Finder to check if a new brand or company name has been registered by someone else, helping you decide if you or your client wants to use the name as a trademark or source of origin.

OVER 4 Million Domains Scanned Daily

Site Monitor for Trademark Infringements

History for every domain name saved and accessible, including WHOIS info, technical data and security profiles

All changes monitored, including security profiles and administrative info


Sites in Database


Sites in Database


Sites in Database


Sites in Database

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DomainSkate - Brand Security Report

March 20, 2019

Brand protection means customer protection...and revenue protection.

1 month ago

Selling Online is Risky

Brands have more opportunity to market than any other time in history. But with great opportunity, comes great risk.

4.2 Million

4.2M new branded scam sites went online in 2019 - Up 27%.*


Finance, Tech, Retail, Pharma, and Travel are the most Phished industries.*

$323 billion

$323 billion in losses are expected in 2020.*

10.7 Million

10.7 Million Phishing and Scam Pages in 2021. Increase of 53% Over 2020.


Finance, Tech, Retail, Pharma, And Travel Are The Most Phished Industries.

$380 Billion

$380 Billion In Losses In 2022.

*Source: 2019 State of Phishing and Online Counterfeiting, Checkphish

Why Brands Use DomainSkate

DomainSkate gives your marketing team the protection tools to be super protectors. Empower your brand or marketing team to be the best first line of defense.

Social brand protection software

Built for Brand Teams.

Monitor your Brand across Every Channel

DomainSkate can monitor the entire web for your team – social, websites and marketplaces –  so you know how you’re showing up and where.

Monitor across Marketplaces.

Protect Your revenue in the Amazon

E-commerce and online shopping is the future, but risky. DomainSkate helps you identify fraudulent listings that need to be taken down and alerts you as soon as they appear.

Protect Your Revenue In The Amazon
Empower Your Team To Fight Fraud

Empower your team to fight fraud.

Report risk as it happens

Get daily and/or weekly insights that help you report problems to stakeholders before they spiral out of control.

Our Powerful Tools Help You Protect Your Customers, Brand and Revenue

Find fraud across websites, marketplaces and social media.

Find Phishing Scams

find Phishing Scams

Make sure scammers aren't using your website or brand name to phish customers.

Monitor Social Media For Fakes

Monitor social Media for fakes

Identify where scammers are using social media handles to amplify fraud against your brand.

Automate Content Infringement Alerts

Automate Content infringement Alerts

Monitor your licensees, affiliates or vendors and ensure they are staying compliant.

Find your brand logo

Search for logos across the web

Find where your brand logo is being used and in what manner across the web.

Run Website Security Reviews

Run Website Security Reviews

Run sites and domains through our proprietary security systems that automatically flag dangerous sites and alert you immediately.

Catch Fake Listings On Marketplaces

Catch fake listings on Marketplaces

Counterfeit sales harm customers, your brand integrity, and revenue. Let us show you how to find fakes on Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay -- and take them down, fast.

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You worked hard to build your brand. It’s time to protect what you’ve built and stop revenue loss. DELETE ? 

With brands more invested than ever in their online identity and revenue loss due to fraud at an all time high, the need to protect your brand from frauds, fakes and scams has never been important. Domain Skate gives Brand Teams a cost-effective brand monitoring and protection tool that ensures your team is the first to know when something’s wrong.

Brand teams and professionals drive your company’s revenue and innovation. They are also critical to helping you protect its value. Our mission is to provide brand professionals with the technology to easily identify fraud and resolve it. 





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we Protect brands in Finance, Healthcare, Travel, Pharma and Fashion

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Give your team brand protection superpowers.
$ 499
  • Domain/Website Monitoring
  • Security Profiles
  • Historical Site Archive
  • Social Media Reporting - (monthly)
  • + Marketplace Watch (monthly)
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Everything in Basic + Custom Tools
Custom Pricing
  • Domain/Website Monitoring
  • Security Profiles
  • Historical Site Archive
  • Social Media Reporting - Weekly
  • + Marketplace Watch* (weekly)
  • MX Record Monitor
  • Website Content Monitoring
  • Logo/Image Search
  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • IP Address Origin
  • Risk Report*


Custom Skates + Managed Service
Managed Protection
  • For businesses that are just starting to implement a Brand Protection program, we can get you started by assigning a dedicated brand agent who will work with your team to develop your program and use the DomainSkate software to optimum effect.

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Monitor bad mentions across the Internet

Get alerted every time there's an authorized mention.

Identify Fraudulent actors you didn't know existed

Quickly identify those looking to infringe on your brand equity.

Take action and Save your Revenue and reputation

Get reporting that allows your team to alert stakeholders.